Light up your Holidays!

You have done so much to make the inside of your house gorgeous every year for Christmas. Maybe, however, you are like me and left the outside of your house bare and dark.  I love seeing all the lights people put up, sometimes though it’s hard to know which lights to choose. Let Corman’s help you make your home the brightest on the block this year.


Today we have many options when choosing to light our homes for Christmas. In a world of smart phones and smart cars, you can now have smart lights. These lights can all be displayed as a uniform color or you can set each bulb to a different color. You have the option of over 16 million colors. Basically, anything on the color wheel!

Something else Corman has in their show room, are a variety of LED lights strands. Red, Blue, White and multicolored lights are available. LED lights are light emitting diodes. The bulbs have an ice cube shape instead of a pointed tip on standard lights strands. The lights are brighter than previous generations of bulbs and they are also more energy efficient. They emit less heat and are safe indoors or outdoors. Come see our display and pick out some LED’s for your home this year.

Corman’s continues to carry commercial grade indoor/outdoor lights. We have them in clear and multicolored. These lights come with a guarantee that the entire strand will work even if one bulb should go out.



We also feature some large outdoor safe LED displays. Polar bears, deer and even a 12 foot tall Christmas tree. Our LED Christmas tree features a light display that moves up and down the tree.


For those looking to add style and a classic touch to their Christmas, come pick up a strand of our Edison bulbs. They are warm and unique and will be a talking point at your Christmas party this year. These are actully LED lights which are energy saving and do not get hot.



Among our lights are a number of accessories to aid you in lighting your home. We have foot buttons to quickly turn all your lights on and off. We also have extension cords with a multiple plug outlet at the end with a convenient yard spike to secure it. Make your house beautiful and functional this holiday season.

Stop in and fill up your basket with Christmas lights galore.