Helpful tips

1. We are open longer, yes, it's true. For the holiday season we are open from 9 am until 5 pm weekdays and Saturdays (closed Dec. 24th) 10a-3pm. We figure, everyone needs the maximum amount of time to get their family in the car and drive to experience the magic at The Corman Marketplace.

2.Sign up for our email. The Cormans Marketplace is a tradition that many in the area have enjoyed year after year. If you haven't been in to Corman's, we invite you to enjoy making this a new tradition for you and your family. Join our email list and get all the info for each event before it's in the paper.

3. Bring your camera. At Cormans, we let you take pictures! Do you just love that tree and want to see if you can recreate it in your own living room? Well, take a photo and test that theory! We encourage you to explore your creative side. Use some ingnuity and some fuzzy pipe cleaners to decorate your house this Christmas.

4. Remember, Christmas is fun, even in the late October, early November weeks, you can never plan too early. We've been here all year!  Those trees don't decorate themselves and wreaths don't grow on trees...well, the kind of do....but for the sake of argument... We have put a lof of work into the showroom and what better way to celebrate that than to share it with you! Bring anyone, everyone, your neighbor, and come see the store!

5. We actually have three parking lots. Wait...what? It's true. If you look at our entire property there are four driveways. Coming from the New Circle Road side of Floyd Dr., you will see a gravel lot. That is our overflow lot. Most employees park there so the customers get the best spots by the door. Directly next to the Corman Marketplace sign is our customer parking. You can park in these spots for the Marketplace or Corman and Associates other departments. The next two driveways are for our manufacturing building. That is where the non Christmas magic happens.