The Corman Marketplace Christmas Tradition.

In the 1960's, Corman and Associates Inc. began a
new store. It was for enjoyment, for creativity to
flourish and for the young at heart.
With a 10,000 sq ft showroom, the Corman Marketplace
has become a staple in the Lexington community.
Ever year people drive from as far as Florida to come and
see the showroom decorations and experience what the
Marketplace has to offer. Over the years we have learned
from multiple designers, trips to market and creative 
thinking to bring the best to Lexington for Christmas.
The trees at the Corman Marketplace by themselves warrant attention.
They are the best lit and unlit trees on the market. Ranging from 4 ft tall
all the way up to 14 ft and in a variety of realistic species. We have fir,
cedar, spruce, pine, and even the flocked, snow covered trees.
Of course the Corman Marketplace continues to be able to provide our wooden sleighs, deer and giant snow flakes with the help of the Corman and Associates Manufacturing division.
Call us at 859-233-0544 or come in to see us, we look forward to your visit.