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Come in from July 23rd- 27th for 20% off the entire store, INCLUDING TREES!

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Also be sure to say hi to our new designer...

Chad Salyers

 Born, Chad A. Salyers - as a young man, he discovered a passion for the arts, canvas and sculptural works, interior decorum and architecture alike. He studied interior design at the University of Kentucky College of Design and has worked in the field for 20 plus years. His experience includes floral arranging (design), holiday, kitchen and interior design. His ongoing passion for the arts and built environment can be seen in all work he engages in. He enjoys travel and architectural experience tours, influencing his work further. He employs unique decor applications on what would otherwise be typical design. His own home serves as a platform for bold, yet brave employment - from steel or plaster sculptures on granite bases, a blend of old and new, eclecticism is no stranger here.



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